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Good Sellers!

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Aug, 24th @ 12:40AM]

(Before I begin.. mods: If you feel this is too off-topic, please let me know if you're deleting the post.)

knowyoursellers is a new community that is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin. Livejournal buyers, traders and sellers deal with complete strangers on a day to day basis.. But why should we be strangers when we can get to know each other a little bit?

It's fairly open, you simply post a survey which is in the userinfo when you sign up, then you can post anything you like (within reason) - quizzes, surveys, wantlists, random chat or warnings about sellers - as long as the idea is not to promote your sales. There are many other communities for that!

So, ladies and gents, come on in. The water is LOVELY.

Becca (mod)
<3 x

Jun, 25th @ 4:21PM]

glamshop is an awesome buyer and seller!

Jun, 8th @ 6:31PM]

I have done a number of trades with jennifers_store. She is an awesome user. She always sends items or payments quickly. I have never had a problem with any trade I have done with her. She has recently send me a gift for FREE! She's awesome. Please add her to the GOOD SELLERS list!  
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